Pentti Virtanen, Ph.D., Software Engineering Specialist

I work as a coach and trainer in Tieturi focusing on agile and lean software development. I have a full list of courses starting with basics of agility and Certified Scrum ending to advanced agility courses and coaching.  I coach also things like sofware architectures, UML and Enterprise Architect CASE tool. I have had even courses about information security, because I have worked in that area for five years. 

I started my work in sofware industry in 1981. The early ages of software industry and my life too vere quite agile. Teams were small but the things we did were amazingly large. Bureacracy was not as large problem as it is today. So we got things, done. Waterfall was of course the official truth of industry, but the guidelines were easy to ignore. I wrote a project managament handbook for Tietotehdas (currently Tieto ex. TietoEnator) in 1988. Already then we knew that big projects are problematic. I spent my 1990's in small companies and applied surprisingly many pratices that are now under the agile flag. I had an evolving system running all the time and I had even accetance tests when we started to code. We automated the acceptance tests and published extremely bugfree software. Monthly deliveries were also very succesful because they provided the customer the visibility that was needed. I remember having 15 minute daily meetings so early as in 1981.  I lived my whole 90s in team rooms.  

Not everything went as planned. Bureacracy grew and functional organizations spread. It was time to jump out. I wrote my thesis based on several distinct publications which were rewritten and put under one title. To my surprise someone has even refenced to it.  Look under the sidebar if you want to read more about reusable components.

The areas of my professional interest relate to the problem of creating better software more efficiently. My publications date from 1998 to 2003, when I finalized my Ph.D. After that I have participated quite many conferences of agile software development but I have not published any scientific papers because I do not do any research to report.