PhD Thesis

Pentti Virtanen: Measuring and Improving Component-Based Software Development, University of Turku, April 2003.

Licentiate Thesis

Pentti Virtanen: Issues of Improving Object-Oriented Software Development, University of Turku, January 2000.

Conference Proceedings

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Pentti Virtanen: Adaptability - The enabler of Reuse, In Timo K. Käkölä (eds), Proceedings of the 22th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS22): Enterprice Architechtures for Virtual Organisations, volume 3, page(s) 353-370, University Of Jyväskylä, August 1999.

Pentti Virtanen: Component Reuse Metrics - Assessing Human Effects, In Katarina Maxwell, Rob Kusters, Erik van Veenendaal, Adrian Cowderoy (eds), Proceedings of the combined 11th European Software Control and Metrics Conference and the 3rd SCOPE Conference on Software Product Quality, page(s) 171-179, Shaker Publishing, April 2000.
Pentti Virtanen: Verb Classes - Design for Reuse, In Helmut Thoma, Heinrich C. Mayer, Alptekin Erkollar (eds), 6th International Conference on Re-Technologies for Information Systems - Preparin to E-business, page(s) 155-166, Österreichishe Computer Gesellschaft, March 2000.

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